Club Info

All this information is intended to answer the frequent questions that arise among new and established members.


The committee runs the club and ensures we meet our legal requirements. This means we’re financially sustainable, democratic and accountable in our workings, and set up to meet the needs of the swimmers who train with us. The Welfare Officer is responsible for the welfare of club members and should be contacted if you have any club-related concerns. You can also speak to the club captains, coaches or other members of the committee.

The current committee can be found on the Committee section.

Swimming times

Current swimming times can be found in the Sessions section.

During holiday periods sessions may be cancelled or timings changed. Members will be informed by e-mail and reminders posted on the Club Website. It is important that Club members provide an up to date email address to ensure they receive the latest news and information from the Club. The Secretary should be advised of any change in email address asap.

With the exception of Stroke Technique sessions, the first 15-20 minutes of each session will be a warm-up. This is an important element of the session. Main sets will begin after this

Member RULES

A set of the membership rules that all members should abide by can be found on the Documents section of the website.


Swimmers are encouraged to enter competitions. Not everyone feels confident about competing, but Masters meets are very friendly and organised into heats of swimmers of similar speeds. Places are decided by sorting out the times of swimmers in different age-groups when all the heats in an event have been completed. Representing the club is more fun than you might imagine and gets you a free, official club polo shirt and hat. If you are interested in competing and have any queries please talk to the Chief Coach or Club Captains.

The competition calendar for the current year is located on the Club web-site, as well as a report for most events entered by Stroud Masters.

Common Coaching Terms

For consistency and ease of communication our coaches use a number of common terms and acronyms when specifying swimming sets. Members are encouraged to ask for clarification if required but can also refer to our current glossary of terms on the Documents section of the website.