Club wear

You are now able to purchase t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, zipped front hoodies and jog pants directly from Wizard Printers. The link to the shop is below. You do not necessarily have to have red; competitive swimmers are still required to wear the red club polo shirt to competitions, but these are issued free by Mark. (Another reason to enter competitions!) . The Wizard Online Shop is available at

Once you’ve decided what you want use the Request Quotation option to get the price. Don’t forget to say you are from Stroud Masters SC and need the item(s) with the Stroud Masters logo.

If you have any unwanted SMSC kit or swimming items that you wish to sell, please let us know.


The club has kept a small stock of swimming equipment for club members to purchase at cost price, however to save hauling fins, boards and paddles to and fro, current stock will not be replaced once it has been sold.

Swimming/Triathlon supplies

If ordering equipment online from Swimshop please click through the banner below to get a discount and earn the club money


If you require some triathlon kit please consider visiting .

If you want to purchase Swans FO2 Goggles you can visit and enter voucher code stroudm10 to receive a discount